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Institutional Identity

Who an organization is and what it values needs to be obvious to its audience. Building  a credible institutional identity comes through relevant activity, leadership, celebration

of character, and a meaningful articulation of its principles through words and imagery.

Joe Wrinn improves perceptions both inside and outside the organization.


Public Interaction

An institution interacts with its public  in many venues -- social media and the web, events, meetings, and invitations to experience the institution from the inside.  Joe Wrinn conceived and produced an institutional space to host tens of thousands of users annually. 

*   Expanded and redesigned Harvard’s Events & Information Center in order to emphasize a “public welcome” message and establish a friendly  “front door” to visitors and neighbors.

*   Incorporated strategic university

messages, new media tools, and new product lines that paid a significant portion of the Center’s operating costs.

*   Space evolved into a useful venue for both internally and externally-facing events including meetings. receptions, press conferences, and various ceremonies.

Making a Difference

Making a difference is not just about what an institution says but what it actually does. The two cannot be in conflict. But publicly positioning a decision or activity and explaining it well also is essential. Joe Wrinn has experience with both.

*   Helped to translate and promote economic impact reports that empirically proved Harvard’s financial value to its host communities.

*   Continually highlighted the number of jobs created, companies established, goods and services purchased, and public service initiatives improving the region. 

*   Reframed press coverage from a negative story emphasizing an original secret land purchase by strategic long-term messaging illustrating positive university citizenship and financial investment in the local community.

Special Events


What it celebrates and how it formally acknowledges people and their ideas says a lot about an institution. Joe Wrinn produces and helps manage logistics for positive outreach events. Past successes include:

*   Special Convocations for Nelson Mandela and US Senator Edward Kennedy

*   Harvard's week-long 350th Anniversary Celebration including a 24-hour-day Press Center 

*   The first visit to a US college campus by the new leader of China that included a 180+ press delegation from 24 countries and scores of protestors disrupting activities related to the visit.

*    Annual Commencement ceremonies involving 30,000 attendees and dozens of media outlets. 

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