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Issues Management

An organization's public issues can be longterm or short lived.  Joe Wrinn manages issues from conception through strategic public positioning. Current engagements and past successes include:



Environmental Protection and Green Development

Positioning and promotion of a New Jersey environmental institute that produces adaptable models for university leaders and city managers nationwide. These models enable transformative and profitable green development while helping to transition laid off workers to green careers.

Reducing Student Debt
Providing overall communications and messaging support to InviteEducation, a new company that enables parents and students to plan, save, and succeed in managing college costs. Uses web, social, and mobile platforms to teach and reward financial literacy while aggregating topical school selection options, “free money” availability, and flexible private and government- supported loans. The goal is to reduce long-term debt, and increase employment and future earning potential based on school selection, smart loan management, and career choice.

Research Cost Justification
Conceived and developed Harvard’s original Research Matters publication and award-winning Harvard Science website to externally promote the value and relevancy of university research to society worldwide. Used by State and Federal lobbyist to show positive use of government funds.

Museum Collection Provenance
Issue messaging and talking points for use by museum officials negotiating artifacts repatriation involving items originating from Native American tribes and various countries abroad.

Stem Cell Research
Preparing officials for pubic and media appearances related to government funding cuts to controversial stem cell research during an unsupportive George W. Bush presidency. Crafted messaging about potential health improvements while respecting ethical considerations and non-secular concerns. Developed public communications to promote new private funding initiatives by Harvard to assure stem cell research would continue.

National Science Funding
Prepared support materials for use by the nation’s first dedicated university science lobbying organization involving 50+ universities. The Science Coalition targeted Congressional leaders and their regional districts to promote continued increases in federal research funding.

Cost Cutting Initiatives
Member of various cross-university task forces addressing the cost of attending Harvard and areas where administrative cuts could be made while maintaining core services and academic quality. Injected potential external and internal audience “optics” into decision-making process and was the university spokesperson publicly communicating the groups’ recommendations.

Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
Member of Harvard’s Central Administration team that advised university labor leaders negotiating union contracts. Role was to inject potential institutional reputation considerations into the decision-making process in order to improve the final results. Was also public spokesperson for the process and negotiations.


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