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Audiences today expect to see everything. While anyone with a smart phone considers themselves a photographer, quality photojournalism still distinguishes itself when an organization is telling their own story. Joe Wrinn knows the difference. He worked as a professional photojournalist for 15 years for the New York Times and United Press International. He knows how to tell an organization's story accurately, compellingly, and visually. He covered major news events and illustrated topical and thematic feature stories including: 

*   Mao-era street life in China, including the controversial Poster

     Wall, shortly after the country was opened up to Western visitors.

*   Two US presidential campaigns.

*   Labor Party Convention in Blackpool, England.

*   Middle East Business Development Conference in London.

*   Daily beat coverage of the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics.

*   The 10th anniversary of school desegregation in Boston.

*   Numerous protests and one assassination attempt.

*   Kermit the Frog discussing life in the big pond.

Video Field Production


Coming up with a good idea is one thing, pulling it off successfully and on budget is quite another. Joe Wrinn has extensive experience translating strategic ideas into successful video projects and managing their production in the field.

*  Responsible for the access, oversight, and field production of

major media and motion picture filming on or around the Harvard campus. Examples: The Great Debaters, With Honors, This Emotional Life, and The Social Network.


*  Directed and produced Harvard: An International Community and A Day in the Life of Harvard


*   Field produced extensive historical narratives produced by international media including the BBC, Moscow TV, CCTV (China)

and the US State Department.


*   Promoted and oversaw institutional interests with live media productions including a two-hour live Good Morning America remote broadcast and creating a 24-hour press center as part of Harvard’s 350th celebration.


*   Managed logistics for television specials with Billy Joel, Paula Poundstone, Rev. Billy Graham, and Alan King.

*   Coordinated extensive media coverage of faculty, VIPs, and international celebrities.


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